Kansas City Military Wedding Film

I had the privilege of filming this beautiful military wedding at the big white house. Growing up in a military family this wedding really hit home. My dad was in the air force for over 20 years and is a big part of my life, which is why this wedding was so special to me.

Keily and Craig went back to Kansas City to the long time family home, where they got married in front of all their friends and family. They had family come in from Chicago, and some other places. Can’t really remember. There was so many people here.

The wedding was full of some crazy things including taco trucks, funnel cakes, mechanical bulls, and more. Growing up in Texas there is nothing more fun than watching people attempt to ride a mechanical bull. Loved being part of this day and watching two people who truly love each other come together in front of all their friends and family.

Photographer: Haili Wise Photographer

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