Sometimes during a wedding day, the photographer and videographer can forget they are not the most important people there. We each want to get our shot, pose the couple, and be right in the middle of the isle for the first kiss.

I have listed a few of the things that can come up during a wedding day when a photographer and videographer are working together for the first time. All these things can be avoided by a seasoned team that has worked together and knows each others styles.

Having difficulties between your photographer and videographer can make for a very difficult day, and can cause the quality of the photos and videos to drastically degrees. I’m going to list a few of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t hire them separately. But, instead find a well established company that can handle both photography and videography on the biggest day of your lives.


Photographers and videographers both want to get the best out of the wedding day. We might never work with that photographer or videographer again, so who cares if they get their shots? This is a horrible attitude, but I have seen it time and time again.

By hiring the same company you can be sure both parties have the same end goal in mind. They will be communicating and you can be assured that the photos and video will represent this.


Hiring the same company can make you accountable for the final results. We have nobody to blame for anything that went wrong throughout the day. Nobody can be blamed for each others missed first kiss, bad composition, or lack of time with the bride and groom.


Why hire a photographer that has a moody look, and a videographer that is light and airy? When you hire the same company, you can be assured that the styles are going to be the same from photos and pictures, and can make for a more enjoyable product!



This is probably the biggest issue that I see. When I first started filming weddings, I would often have an assistant stay near the photographer to avoid missing any of the big moments. I’ve had photographers try to do a first look without me around, take ring pics without telling me, and start family portraits while I was setting up for the reception. These are really simple communication issues, but are more common than you would believe. Here are a few other mishaps that can happen throughout the day.

But the thing is, these aren’t problems at all. these are simply reasons why the photographers and videographers should communicate before the wedding event starts. If you have a game plan on who will stand where during the ceremony or reception, how you will manuver around the venue to get your creative shots, and how you will handle working with the couple. All these things will make sure that neither of you will get in each others way, and will make for an amazing day for everyone. The last thing you want is to continue to get in each other’s way, making a big fuss and causing issues during the wedding..

Camera Gear

What lens are you using? If a videographer is going to use an extremely wide lens, they cannot be upset if the photographer slips into a few of the photos?

ceremony LOCATIONS

I have 4 cameras strategically positioned around the ceremony for film. The photographer is aware of these cameras, and knows if she needs to get a shot I have 2 other cameras rolling. This allows her to be mindful of my camera but also not feel like she is ruining any of my shots.

A great photographer and videographer have a beautiful choreographed dance, that makes every detail of the day flow smoothly. When you hire the same company, this is what you can expect.

Family and Bridal Pics

Movement is a videos best friend. Will the photographer choose poses that will allow the couple to swing their arms, twirl around, and give the video the extra boost of cinematic feel.

Here are a few real-world situations that we have experienced:

First Dance: I like to circle around the couple and find a position that I like. This is usually a spot with some beautiful imagery in the background, or away from the food buffet. Who doesn’t love the food buffet? Not during the first dance.

If the photographer knows I will make one circle, we can stay attached to each other and allow them to get every shot they need without me intervening and vice versa.

I hope this was helpful and if you are interested in booking us to film and photograph your wedding, please contact me below


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