Everything you need to know about having a drone for your wedding day.

The popularity of drones has increased considerably in the last few years, especially in the wedding space. More often than not, photographers and videographers are now offering drone footage as an add-on service. If you’re in the process of booking your photographer or videographer for your big day, you might be wondering, “what does drone footage include? Do I need a drone for my wedding?” The short answer is yes, you do.

Eilan Hotel Wedding San AntonioEilan Hotel Wedding San Antonio

Having drone coverage will set your wedding video apart, and provide a truly unique perspective of your big day that you’ll appreciate for decades to come. Chances are, you made a huge investment booking the perfect venue — backdropped against the city skyline, surrounded by lush evergreens, or butted up right next to the water. Wherever your venue is, you’ll want to highlight the space that you said your vows in so that you can be transported back to the magic through your film. 

And now, amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic and in many cases, reduced guest lists, many couples are electing to swap the traditional wedding venue in favor of something more private. Whether this venue swap is an elopement on a gorgeous mountainside in Colorado, or a private ceremony at your family home — capturing the landscape is an essential way to remember the beauty of your day.

Micro Wedding DroneMicro Wedding Drone

I recently had a couple that had just purchased their first home together. They lived in a small town just off the lake, where the sun sets right over the water. When COVID hit, they canceled their original plans in favor of a more intimate ceremony with loved ones at their new home. Having aerial footage of their home, complete with the sun dipping below the water that evening, brought their wedding video together beautifully and was the perfect way to highlight the start of their new journey together.

miami beach sunrisemiami beach sunrise

Western Auto Sign kansas CityWestern Auto Sign kansas City

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much drone footage costs. This add-on will typically cost around $500-$1,000 with most vendors. Because I know how much this aerial footage can elevate your wedding film, I include drone coverage in all of my wedding packages (as long as mother nature cooperates) at no additional cost. 

Now that we’ve got the benefits of having drone footage and financial info out of the way, let me answer a few bonus questions for you. 

What will you capture with the drone?

I will capture establishing shots of the venue and details that would only be possible to see from the air. In the examples below, you can see …

Viscaya Gardens MiamiViscaya Gardens Miami

When will you capture this footage?

The majority of drone footage will be taken before the guests arrive. In the event of a gorgeous sunset, or if you want to ball-out and have a firework show end your evening, I will be sure to capture these moments as well. You won’t even know I was flying the drone. 

Crested Butte Colorado weddingCrested Butte Colorado wedding

Will you fly the drone during the ceremony? 

No. The sound of a flying drone can be distracting, so to protect the ambiance of your vows, no drone footage will be shot during the ceremony. If you are interested, we can capture aerial footage of your first look, portraits, or any other time that won’t be distracting to you or your guests. 

Can you fly the drone inside?

Can I? Yes. Will I? No. 

Is it legal to fly drones in my area?

Yes, drones are generally allowed to be flown throughout any air space that is not within the controlled radius of an airport. As a certified drone pilot, I am registered through the FAA and have completed all the requirements necessary to fly my drone commercially and recreationally. I will take all the necessary safety precautions before flying to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

Here’s everything you should know about hiring a drone to fly at your wedding.

How much does adding drone coverage to my wedding cost

Drone coverage is included in all wedding packages as long as mother nature cooperates. If you are ready to take your wedding to the next level. I highly recommended adding drone coverage.

What will you capture with the drone?

I will capture establishing shots of the venue and details that would only be possible to see from the air.

Will you have time to fly the drone during the wedding?

All drone coverage will be captured before all the guests and everyone has arrived. You won’t even know that I was flying a drone.

Will you fly the drone during the ceremony?

Drones are louder than my uncle after a few white claws, so we won’t be using them during your ceremony. But we can capture footage during your first look, portraits or any other time that won’t be distracting to you or your guests. 

Will you fly the drone inside?

No, I will not fly the drone during your first dance or your dads toast.

Are you allowed to fly your drone?

Yes, I am a certified drone pilot and will take all the necessary safety precautions before flying.



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