How much does a wedding videographer cost and do I even need a wedding videographer?

The great debate. Jordan vs Lebron. Mahomes or Brady. Hiring a wedding videography, or not? A wedding videography is most often the last vendor couples add to their package.

If you already splurged on your venue, photographer and your dress. You might not have the budget for a wedding videographer. But, your best friend had the most amazing video, and now you have to have one. But you have zero idea where to start. I’m going to break my standard base package down so you can get a better idea of what you will be spending and why. Hopefully after this, you can make an educated decision on hiring a wedding videographer and justify the cost.

BASE PACKAGES START AT $2500 and include the following

Coverage Length: My standard packages come with 8 hours of coverage that starts during getting ready and ends during the reception. Having trouble figuring out a timeline. Here are two examples of timelines from the wedding planners at my latest weddings.

Multi- Camera Coverage

Basic wedding packages will include a single camera for b-roll type shots of the venue, wedding details and all the small moments. But when it comes to the ceremony and reception it is really important that you have a multi-camera setup. A few of the things that can go wrong during the ceremony and why having multiple cameras is important

  • Guests stand up and Block your view

  • Photographer gets in the way

  • Your camera battery dies

  • You need to adjust your camera

  • You need to change lenses

  • You want to get the grooms reaction to the bride walking down the isle

Weddings are unpredictable and anything can happen. Being able to adjust to whatever comes your way is very important, and this is why having multiple cameras will come in handy. Plus, being able to go from an angle on the bride, to the groom, to guests int he crowd during a ceremony edit will make for any amazing film. Here is a traditional camera setup to give you an idea.


2nd videographer: Having a videographer dedicated to capturing details, getting drone photos, or beautiful photos of the venue can allow the main photographer to focus on other areas. If you decide to have a 2nd videographer make sure it isn’t their mom or best friend.

Highlight Film: A 7 minute highlight film weaving through the entire day should be plenty to capture all the most important moments throughout the day. Music can be chosen from tracksmusic, musicbed, or songfreedom.

60 Second Trailer: You just wrapped up the wedding and you can’t wait to see how amazing everything turned out. Why wait 2-3 months for your video? Receive a 60 second trailer within 2-3 days so everyone else can relieve the day with you.

Drone Photography: These make for amazing intro shots to the film. Having a beautiful speech with the drone flying over the venue can set off the film in a way that is hard to explain.

Film Delivery: Do you want delivery online through a beautiful service like Mediazilla or WedFlow or would you rather have a luxury USB Box?

Recorded Vows, Toasts and Speeches: Every single person who gives a speech or says anything throughout the day will be professionally recorded. I also make sure I have 3 back up devices in case anything goes wrong with the sound system, venue, or user error.

Now you have a good idea of what you can expect from your wedding videographer, now let’s look at some of the add ons and their costs.


Toast Edits $150 : Edit includes the best angles and audio files we have available.

Ceremony Edit: $500 Along with your highlight film, you’ll receive this Ceremony Edit. Video will be 20-30 minutes long, and will be of the entire ceremony from start to finish. Footage will be spliced together and color graded.

Love Story: $750 Sit down with Matthew and tell your love story to the camera. Includes 1 interview session, and 1 couples session to capture B-Roll for the final film. A perfect thing to have playing at your Pre-Wedding Dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner: $1000 Coverage at your pre-wedding dinner. Often times, there are speeches, toasts, memories, and moments that happen before your wedding day that you want captured and to remember forever. This ensures that those memories don’t go un-captured.

The “FOMO” Edit: $1000 Have a Fear Of Missing Out on all of the many little moments through out your wedding day? We’re happy to offer our new FOMO edit which is essentially a 3-4 hour video of everything we shot that today, in other words – a glorified Home Video Edit of your special day. We drag all of the footage we shot from the entire day, and place it in our Editing Timeline chronologically, and deliver it to you. We’ll remove horribly shaky, or duplicated shots. Film will not be colored, film will not included background music. Delivered separately from your final Wedding Film.

Wedding Weekend: $1000 Wedding Day Coverage + Up to 2 Additional Days of Coverage for Pre-Wedding Dinners, Parties, or whatever you have planned. Can Include Rehearsal Dinner Coverage. Footage will be used in the final film.

Video Booth: $500 Why stop at a photo booth how about a video booth? Want well wishes from your guests? This is the way to do it. Here some amazing things from guests at your wedding on the best day of your life!

Expedited Delivery: $500 Receive your film in 2 weeks.

10 Minute Film: $500 Instead of the 7 minute film listed in the Base package, receive 3 additional minutes added onto your final Wedding Film. The 10 Minute Film is what everyone wants. It allows for Matthew to put everything he captured into your film without cutting anything out. Memories, emotions, details, guests – YOUR WEDDING, will be displayed perfectly.

15-20 Minute Film: $1000 Your wedding turned into a beautiful, cinematic short film. Nothing will be missed. Speeches and vows won’t need to be shortened as much. Receive 10-15 more minutes of pure spectacle.

The Whole Squad: $1000 Want 3 videographers to capture your day. This ensures that their won’t be a breathe go by that we won’t capture.

Raw Footage of First Dances $150

  • Bride & Groom first Dance

  • Daddy-Daughter Dance

  • Mother & Son Dance

I hope this helps you understand the cost of having a videographer. If you are sold on having a videographer and want to find a great one. Here’s some tips below. (i’m a videographer by the way)



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