When it comes to finding your dream wedding venue there is a lot of things to think about. This can vary based on the number of guests, wedding color palette, type of wedding, and the organization of your reception.

Here are a few tips and things to think about when you tour your potential dream wedding reception venue.

Size Matters

Before you start touring venues, you should have already sat down and come up with a plan on how many guests will be attending your venue. Will the venue have enough space to comfortably sit all your friends and family? Especially in times of covid, it’s extremely important that everyone have space. The last thing you want is an overcrowded dance floor.

Check out some of the venues past weddings and look how the venue is set up. Will there be room for the DJ to setup? The photographer and videographer to comfortably move around to take pictures? Will there be room to tear up the dance floor?


Some venues have two distinct spaces in the same venue. If this is something that concerns you, you might want to look at other venues that will be more private for you and your guests.

If you decide to have your wedding in a park, or an elopement wedding, be aware that people will probably walk by, shout congratulations at you and stop and watch the festivities.

How is the Space Organized

When you tour your dream venue, make sure you envision where you want all your big events to happen. Where do you plan on putting your head table? Where will you cut the cake? Where will your dad give his toast? Having a well organized venue can make everything flow so smoothly.

Pay attention to decor

You probably already have a specific color theme in mind for your wedding. Make sure this doesn’t interfer with the interior of the venue. Your best bet is to bring some of your color palettes along with you to see how they look in the space. If you haven’t decide on your color palette, head down to your local home depot (and bed bath and beyond, if you have time). They have an enormous collection of color palette books that will help you narrow down your palette.

Details. Details. Details.

Does the venue have a large parking lot for your guests to park? Is the reception in a downtown hotel, and every guest will have to pay 20 dollars to park? Will you offer a shuttle or can they take a trolley to the reception? This can be an additional cost that you will need to factor in. 

If the speeches and the DJ are important to you, make sure that the venue has a proper sound system. Ask if they have a house system, or if the DJ will be taking care of all of this? The last thing you want is a large echo from the sound system when you are trying to read your vows.

Hopefully this helps, and you can find that perfect venue for you big day.

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