15 Questions to ask a Videographer when trying to Find a Wedding Videographer

Are you wondering if a wedding videographer is worth it? My names Matthew and I’m a Kansas City and Destination Wedding Videographer, and often the last vendor hired on a couples wedding day. It sounds like I am not important. But think again Kemosabe. We are very important

Not hiring a wedding videographer is often a bride’s biggest regret. You didn’t settle on your dress, venue, photographer, or your significant other. So please don’t settle on video.

Enough beating around the bush. After this article hopefully you can get a better idea of the videographer, and determine if they are the right fit.

1.) Are you available? if so, will you be filming the wedding?

The company might be available for your wedding day, but is the person that’s work you love be filming your wedding? Most wedding videographers book up to a year in advance, and Many videographers double book. If you hired Kevin to film your wedding, The last thing you want, is Joe from craigslist filming your wedding because your videographer has another wedding that same day.


2.) what gear do you use? how many cameras?

How many cameras will you use during the wedding ceremony? A minimum of 3 cameras is necessary to capture all the angles during a ceremony. Are all of your cameras the same type?

I can’t count how many times i’ve had family, friends, pets, photographers, etc.. stand in front of a camera. You don’t want to miss important moments because you don’t have the right equipment. I film all my weddings with a minimum of 5 cameras, all the same exact quality.

3. ) How do you work with Photographers?

midwest wedding videographermidwest wedding videographer

Photographers are the architects of the wedding day. The job of a videographer is to sit back, watch the story unfold, and capture all the amazing moments that occur.

Will your videographer allow the photographer to do all the posing?

Where will you be positioned during the ceremony and reception to avoid getting in each others way?

Having a relationship between film and photos can make for an amazing day for everyone.

4. ) Will you use reception lights?

Receptions are dark and intimate. Will your videographer bring additional lighting? How will the videographer work with the photographers flash?

5. ) Will Professional Audio Be Recorded?

Will you have lav mics on the groom and officiant? Do you plan to mic the bride? How will you hook up to the Dj’s Soundboard?

Bad audio can completely ruin an amazing film.


6.) Will you have a second shooter?

Will a second shooter be included in the packages? How much experience does the second shooter have working with you? Do they use the same exact camera as you?

Having a second shooter can allow you to capture some amazing moments that wouldn’t be possible without. I highly recommend having one during the day.

7. ) Can you fly that drone thingy around?

drone over downtowndrone over downtown

Is your wedding videographer Part 107 Certified or will they be hiring a professional to provide footage for your special day?

All drone photography is included in our packages.

8. ) Can I select the music? I really like that new Lizzo Song?

Musicbed, Songfreedom, SoundStripe, TrackMusic, are all amazing sites with 100’s of thousands of licensed songs. Make sure your videographer has licensed the music for your film.

9. ) What If I don’t like my film?

Make sure that there is no additional charge for a reedit of the video. 2-3 reedits should be standard.

10. ) How do you deliver your films?

How long will I have access? can i receive a USB copy?

will you be able to download these via dropbox or vimeo forever. I also use a service called webflow for an amazing online experience.

11.) What is your cancelation policy?

how much notice do you need? is your deposit refundable? do you offer payment plans?

12.) What will I receive with my package?

A full highlight video? a full feature film? raw footage? a cinematic trailer? instagram or facebook versions?

Our base packages all include 8 hours of filming, 2 videographers, drone photography, a 4-5 minute highlight film, and vows intertwined into the film.


13.) What is your filming style?

Cinematic? Story driven? Documentary? Will you be the one editing this video? Do you color correct and color grade all the footage? Be sure to ask for a reel of some of their recent weddings and see if it matches your style?

14.) Can I customize our package?

4 hours? 6 hours? 8 hours? Can I do add ons (drone, 3rd shooter, raw footage, instagram trailer, etc..

15.) When can I expect my film?

Most videographers will produce your film within 3 months. Can you pay extra for an expedited delivery? If so, how much?

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or would like to book me for your wedding day, please click the link below.


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