There are so many options for wedding vendors, it can be difficult to choose and be assured that you made the right decision. A quick google search will lead to thousands of wedding photographers, videographers and venues in your area. All with amazing portfolios and rave reviews. So how do you make sure that you pick the perfect vendors for you?

Here’s some quick tips to help you with the process.

Have a Budget in Place

Before you start searching for your dream vendors, you want to have a strict budget in place for each vendor. This is essential to avoid overspending, which can be done very quickly. Do some research on the cost of each vendor or service in your area and get a ball park for what you want to spend on each one. Keep in mind the average cost of a wedding videographer is $1800. But you don’t want an average videographer do you?

Once you come up with a budget, you will have a better idea of what vendors are the most important to you and your wedding day.

Read your contract

Most wedding vendors have lengthy contracts that you probably did not read. Before you sign a contract, read through it and make sure you are comfortable with the verbiage.

My Wedding Videography Contract

If you have any issues with the contract, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them if they can clarify, or change some of the language. This is also a good way to get an idea of how flexible and helpful your wedding vendors will be

Ask vendors to hold your date

If you think you found your perfect videographer, but still want to do some research, ask if they will hold the date. If you don’t hold the date, you risk losing it all together. I will hold the date up to 7 days to allow you to do some more research and make sure you are comfortable with my services. After the 7 days, I require a signed contract and deposit to secure the date.


Vendor recommendations, and referrals from family and friend are great, but make sure you do your own research before committing. Although you enjoyed your best friends wedding photos and videos, they might not be the right fit for your wedding day. This is your wedding, so you want to be comfortable with all the vendors before booking.

Trust your Gut

If you find a photographer that you love, reach out and discuss your wedding day. Most photographers book weddings 1-2 years out, so the sooner the better. Schedule a zoom call, face time, or meet for coffee. If you love their work, and have good vibes, then trust your instincts.


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