The ceremony is the meat and potatoes, but the reception is the dessert. This is the fun part where you can let loose, change outfits and just relax and enjoy a drink with your family and friends.

Receptions require a lot of planning and can be intimidating at first. Here are few tips to help you plan the perfect wedding reception.


Keep it Simple Silly. Besides me, Pinterest is your best friend for finding amazing ideas for your reception. These can be great additions to your reception space, but make sure you have plenty of space for people to move around, mingle and let loose on the dance floor. Get creative, but keep it simple and let your DJ do his thing and entertain your guests all night.

Nobody likes Waiting

If you have a great timeline, the ceremony should start on time, and get all the guests over to the reception. While you finish up your portraits with your wedding party, think about having a nice cocktail hour so everyone can grab a drink and some snacks before dinner. This will allow the guests to relax and not get hangry wedding for everyone to arrive so they can eat.

Don’t get too Involved

It’s your day, and you shouldn’t have to worry about every little detail that happens. You hired amazing vendors to make sure everything goes smooth, and this will let you relax and enjoy your wedding day with your family and friends.

Everybody loves Kids

Everybody loves kids until they start screaming during your vows, or walking around during the father of the bride speech. Have some activities for the kids to keep occupied, and let the parents enjoy the wedding too.

make everyone comfortable

It gets cold in Kansas City, but you don’t want the reception to be so hot that everybody is sweating their tail off. Talk with the venue and see that everyone is comfortable.

This applies mainly to you. This could mean an outfit change, slipping out of your shoes into sneakers, or putting on a warm sweat shirt. Whatever makes you comfortable is good with me.

Have fun

Get all your guests involved and having fun. This could be a surprise entertainment, special dances, party favors, fireworks, or whatever you can think of. Give them something that they wont forget, and will tell everyone about at future weddings.


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