Covid has changed almost all of our daily lives, and really had an effect on the wedding stream. Couples have made the wise decision to postpone, downsize, reschedule, or even cancel their wedding completely.

the incredible reception that you dreamed of, might not be possible at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we cant find a way to turn it into a night you will never forget. The wedding will certainly be different, but i want to help you plan the perfect wedding reception, even during the craziest of times.


Even if you have decided to downsize your wedding, having a great planner can really help make sure that everything that happens will be safe for you and your guests. A great wedding planner can elevate any wedding, and especially during the times we are in, they are more valuable than ever. Wedding planners might have not initially been in your budget, but with a smaller wedding, it should be something that you think about considering.

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We all want our closest friends and family in attendance, but this might not be possible. Downsizing your wedding will make those that cam attend feel more comfortable, and have a great time with out all of the worries.

For those who can’t attend, think about live streaming your wedding

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what matters

You wont have the traditional expectations of a large, normal wedding, so instead you can focus on the things that matter the most to you. Do you want to do a first look? Do a non-traditional wedding? Decide to elope instead?

outdoor reception

If you decide to have a bigger turnout, having an outdoor reception is a great idea unless you are getting married in Kansas City. Being outdoors will allow you more space and make your guests more comfortable attending.

A lot of couples have made the decision to not wait, and get married now, which i think is amazing. Another idea is to have a small wedding now with your closet friends and family, and opt for a large reception in the next year or two. Who wouldn’t want two weddings? With the same person?

Let me know if you have any questions.


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