Many couples are hesitatnt about seeing their significatn other before the wedding, and want to do something instead to show off the dress. There is something truly magical about seeing the bride wallking down the aisle for the first time.


Exchanging letters is a great way to get the day started. I like to have the couple read their letter while they are getting ready. It takes some of the nervousness away, and helps build the excitement of whats still to come. This is especially great if you are nervous about reading your vows, or not doing custom vows. THis allows you to let out all those feelings, and emotions without the stage fright.


Wedding Party First look

Your first look doesn’t have to be with your parnter. Why not have all your bridesmaids get the first look of you in your wedding dress?

Father of the Bride First Look

This is one of my favorites. Allowing your dad to be the first person to see you in your dress has led to some fo the best and most special moments.

Don’t feel like you can only do one of these things. You can allow your bridesmaids to see you in your dress, do a first look with your mom, your dad, your dog. It doesn’t matter.

These are all great ways to do the more popular first look, while getting your wedding party involved, and still having that special, intimate moment at the altar.



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