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No. We unfortunately cannot tell your story without having the time to capture meaningful moments.  Every part of the day helps tell your story and it's important that we are there for all of it. We recommend that you book your videographer the same number of hours that you would your photographer. This will make your wedding day run smoother, and help us tell the story that you deserve.


Can you just film our ceremony or only come for a few hours?


I'm not that mad, but you should stop! Kansas City has some amazing wedding videographers, and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't look around. If you have any questions about wedding videographers feel free to ask me. 


We are still looking at other videographers? 


What makes us difference is the experience that we offer.  Taking time to get to know you and your partner. What's important to you both, who's important to you both, and what makes you heart skip a beat. All this helps tell your story in a way that feels unique, and feels like your own. None of our films are the same, because none of our couples are the same.


What makes you different from cheaper videographers?


Chances are I will respond to your inquiry within the hour with a custom brochure and some more information if I am available. At this time if you like what you see, it's a perfect time to setup a zoom call or meet for a coffee or drink. This is where we can develop that connection that will make your wedding film legendary.


When will you respond to my inquiry?