1 on 1 sessions

One of the biggest problems New videographers have is not only landing clients, but getting immersed into the videography community. You  have to be around the right people to learn the right things. That's why I'm here. I want to help you not only land your dream clients, but help you with anything that you are struggling with. Client communication, follow ups, sales calls, wedding day timelines, working with photographers and so much more.  


zoom zoom 

Let's hop on a zoom call or a google hang out and dive head first into your business.  We will have 3 hours to go over any questions that you might have relating to your business. This is the time where we can pin point your "leaky bucket" and slap some flex seal on it. I'm kidding. 

- Building your brand
- finding your price point
- developing style
- client experience
- workflows and automations
- advertising and ad spend

investment: $400

I'm interested

Some Topics We Can Cover:

in Person


Let's meet up for coffee and go over your business. We can walk through how you are advertising, how you are following up with clients, do a fake wedding sales call and figure out where you are struggling.  I can even come with you to a wedding or styled shoot and help guide you through the day. 

- initial meetup 
- responding to clients
- pricing your brand
- automating workflow
- effective marketing
- sale yourself

investment: $800

I'm interested

One of the best decisions I’ve made so far on my journey was randomly instagramming you one day lol I’ve gotten experience out of it. An awesome wedding video for my wife and I made a friend(you). Helping people get connected is HUGE!!

james allee