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real wedding day timelines for your drem wedding

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You have your own timeline? Glorious. Send it over and I can offer some suggestions. We often help our brides fine tune their timeline to allow time to capture the necessary photos and videos, and allow them time to actually enjoy their wedding day. 


We have our own timeline.  Can you check it out?


Not having a first look will not mess up your timeline. If you want to read more about this, check out our brides playbook where we talk more about the oh so popular first look.


Will not having a first look mess up our timeline?


If I was a betting man, I would bet that your hair and makeup would be the culprit for things getting delayed. We recommend starting hair and makeup earlier, so you aren't rushing through important moments throughout the day, and are able to relax and enjoy taking bridal portraits, doing a first look and everything in between.


Why do I need to start so early?


This is very common to have your ceremony at a church and reception at a separate venue.  We have several examples from our past couples who have done the same thing, and still had time to grab a cocktail with guests at their cocktail hour.


What If we are getting married at multiple locations?





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Planning an elopement can be extremely challenging. Follow or guidelins on how to plan your dream elopement. 

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tips for planning an elopement