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Grow your Wedding Business from the Other Side of the camera

The biggest problem with wedding videographers is attracting the right clients, and avoiding price shoppers. Let's face it..  Wedding videographers are usually the last vendor that couples look for. This means two things: They have a little extra money in the budget, or FOMO sets in and they want a film.  There is absolutely no chance for you to stand out in this saturated market of price shoppers and clients who value saving a few bucks over hiring an experienced videographer that will turn their wedding day into a masterpiece they are going to rewatch over and over. 

but what if you could...

convert more leads into bookings with a simple email and workflow sequence

attract dream clients cheaper than wedding wire and the knot

maximize your productivity and work less.  Hello, tim ferris. is that you?

use the power of automation to improve your client experience. 



The No holds bars wedding videography course for creators who are struggling with the other side of the camera. 
We break down how to properly follow up, handle objections, sales calls, automating your workflow, managing your wedding day timeline and so much more. This course will not only help you grow your business, but help eliminate the stress of running your business.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.” –

– Ben Franklin



wedding videography master class

Imagine never wondering why that client you thought was about to book you went with another vendor. 
Imagine being able to push the limits of a clients budget with a simple email.
Imagine getting out of this world reviews that will develop trust for future clients.
All of this and more...

Learn how to create your dream wedding film business!

What's included in the course?

All the bells and whistles. 

lifetime access to the course 

1 on 1 coaching calls 

access to all email templates 

business planner

booking over the phone


wondering if this course is right for you?

this course is for you if you want to...

get rid of prices shoppers

book your dream clients

price yourself effectively

get couples on the phone

get out of the grind 

have fun with videography

this course is not for you if you...

are not willing to invest

are not motivated

are not willing to change

have too many leads

already have dream clients

don't want to work less


Learn how to sale yourself and your business. 

You will learn how to not only attract the right clients, but how to tug at their heart strings and stand out from other videographers. We walk you through the process of how to handle new leads from initial emails, phone calls, and so much more. 

- How to respond to an New Lead and get them on the phone.
- Using clients pain points to add value to your business
- Setting up your packages correctly and persuade clients to purchase more expensive packages.


MODULE 2: Workflows 

How to set up proper workflows and have your CRM work for you.

Setting up automations and proper workflows can not only save you hours of time a week, but will improve your client experience. 

-  Learn how we set up our workflow and automate emails to New clients.  
-  Follow our workflow once a client books to keep them engaged all the way til their wedding day.
-  Use our archived client workflow to book clients that initially ghosted you.


MODULE 3: Business

How to properly setup your business to run effectively for years.

We will show you how to properly set up your business all the way from getting an LLC, setting up an bank account, sending client questionnaires and contracts, collecting payments, and pricing your wedding packages.

- Our favorite questionnaires to send before, during and after the wedding. 
-  How to setup an email marketing campaign to nurture leads.
- When to step away from your business and use outsourcing to grow your business.


Added Bonus Items

Introduce items that are only available as a bonus through the course

vendor interviews

Interviews with wedding planners, photographers, and videographers on what they look for in other vendors and tips on how they grew their biz.

ad training

Our method on running prospecting campaigns, retargeting campaigns, and booking clients from facebook and instagram.

welcome guides

How to wow clients with our welcome guides for prospective and current clients.  Plus a one page pricing guide to send out to clients. 


videography course

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some words from the gallery

"Man I owe you the worlds biggest thank you for helping me this past year. You seriously helped me grow so fast in no time and have always been there when I need help. You are the f*ckin man Matt. Don't you ever forget that 🕺"

-Acaudi Productions

meet the creator of the course


I have a wide area of expertise when it comes to business and film. I have worked in Accounting, Finance, Sales, done acting, modeling and finally transitioned behind the camera. All of these things have helped me grow my business knowledge and savy. 
I have literally cracked open the books of billion dollar companies and have learned where they are spending their marketing money. Why they spend their money, and how to properly budget and allocate money to get the best return on investment. 

So are you in?!

Are you ready to stop lowering your prices to get the booking and start having couples fight over you? 
Let's turn your wedding business into a gold mine.

basic plan


- 3 modules
- workbook

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- 3 modules
- workbook
- 1:1 support

Ultimate plan


- 3 modules
- workbook
- 1:1 support
- bonus module

do you have some questions?

Let's answer them!

I don't have a demo reel

We will go through our process on how to build a portfolio, and how to market yourself without any experience. We will show you how quickly you can build your brand  and attract your dream clients. 

can I learn this on youtube

You won't learn from anybody has this level of experience in accounting, finance and sales that teaches the in and outs of the wedding business.  We have a combined 20 years of experience that has helped us stand out in a very saturated market. 

why is this course different?

There are countless amazing courses that show you how to film weddings. This course deep dives into the other side of the camera, and shows you how to grow your business by using tried and true methods from industry professionals.

help me. i'm poor

If you are interested in the course, but the price tag is too much. We do offer payment plans.  Please check the payment plan option when you check out and you will have all the access as if you made a one time payment.

how long will I have access?

When you purchase the course, you will have access forever. This includes any updates, changes, or additions to the course.   We will also continue to add content based on student and client recommendations. 

but i'm a wedding photographer

We have seen more and more photographers looking to get into video after Instagrams latest update. This course will be a great addition to your already established brand, as we show you how to grow your business with outsourcing, associates, and more. 

Last thing. I  pinky promise

If you are looking to save time, make more money, and let your business run itself, this course is for you. Our email templates, client workflows, sales scripts and business refresher will help elevate your business and improve your overall client experience. Not only will you thank us, but your clients will thank you. 

the lux editorial

photography course

If you are ready to join the course and elevate your brand click below.

We can't wait to watch your journey and grow with you. 

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” 

– Mario Andretti