Grab This FREE, Ultimate, Step-By-Step PNW Wedding Planning Guide To Relieve Stress And Know Exactly What To Do To Maximize Your Special Day

What You Will Learn With The Guide:

1. Advice from our past brides on how to handle the wedding day. 
2. No fluff - all actionable things to truly help you get the most out of your wedding day
3. Tips on wedding budgeting and where I recommend you both spend & save
4. When to book your wedding venue & photographer
5. The truth about payment plans
6. What happens after you book your wedding photographer (what I do for all #LumaBrides)
7. How to maximize your engagement session, what to wear, where to shoot, and way more
8. The truth about if you should do a boudoir session
10. Wedding planners vs coordinators vs venue managers
11. Tips on having your PNW wedding at different times of year
12. MAXIMIZING YOUR WEDDING DAY (getting ready, first look, portraits, ceremony, family photos, cocktail hour, reception, you name it... it's here)
13. How much wedding reception coverage you REALLY need (what some wedding vendors don't want you to know)
14. The truth about if you really need a second wedding photographer (hint: you don't)
15. What to do to maximize a rainy wedding day and still create gorgeous photos
16. Final words of wisdom from a wedding photographer with ten years experience