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Hey y’all, I’m Matthew! I’m a wedding videographer, creative visual storyteller, avid sports fan, and a hopeless romantic based in Kansas City, MO. Creating and shooting creative wedding videos is my greatest passion in life. Being around the unique love each couple brings day in and day out is truly something magical. I believe in creating videos which tell an authentic story and capture the vision of each individual wedding. I’m not into boring wedding videos. Each video is different from the last and I aim to make each video EXCITING and full of love. If I’m not busy shooting the best day of your life or in the editing room, you can most likely find me at a sports game (Go Detroit Lions!), watching crime shows, playing basketball or catching a local gig.

Cheeky Charisma mixed with a dose of southern hospitality.

After playing professional basketball, I swapped my jersey for a Tax cubicle. After a few years in the industry I found it just wasn’t right for me. I discovered my passion for visual story-telling and that I wanted to be part of the creative world. I set out to LA to begin my career as an actor. However, I soon fell in love with being behind the camera, capturing the story, rather than starring in it. I had the opportunity to learn alongside some of the industry’s best and brightest. I began to develop my own unique videography style and began to understand not just how to point and shoot, but to tell a story. Now, I get the opportunity to use these skills to help couples bring their dream wedding to life. How incredible is that? I’m excited to get to know you and your story.



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What makes weddings special is not only the love that you share, but two families coming together, helping you create a day that is full of love and connection. Capturing a wedding through video focuses on telling your story, your inside jokes, and all that weirdness that comes with it. 

Think of us a fly on the wall. You can put away the fly swatter. We are there to capture every moment, every laugh, every smile, and every intimate moment that you share. We believe in creating a strong connection prior to the wedding day, so that you feel at ease on your wedding day.


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