elopement timeline 

Putting together a timeline is a great way to make everything run smooth. But we are eloping, why do we need a timeline? 

Having a timeline is a great way for you to bring all the important elements of an elopement into a more structured day.  You wouldn't go on a vacation on not have an agenda, right? Maybe you would, but having an idea of how you want the day to play out will allow you to make memories and never regret having an elopement.  The main goal of an elopement is to create a fun, but relaxed setting that you and your significant other can cherish forever. 

We want to congratulate you on your engagement! During the engagement process don't forget to make time for each other. Go on dates and really enjoy each other. It will make the whole process more enjoyable.

elopement timeline and how to create your own elopement timeline

Why do we need an elopement timeline?

having an elopement timeline can make every moment more meaningful

This will set the stage for the rest of the timeline and make the day come together.   
  • Are you getting up early to have your hair and makeup down?
  • Do you want to catch that beach sunrise or hike up the mountain?
  • Do you want epic sunset photos at an iconic location?
  • Are you going off-roading and creating some red dirt clouds?
  • You want to chill in the cabin with your significant other and make smores?

DECIDE ON YOUR activites

Depending on the time of year and the location, your timeline can vary drastically. In the winter months, the sun might set behind a mountain before 5 pm. In the summer having a beach elopement you will have light til about 9 pm.  After you have decided on the dream location and date, do some more research on the weather and how much light you are going to have. 
  • What time does the sun rise?
  • What time does the sun set?
  • Will the sun set behind any objects?
  • Is there lots of wind or rain during that time of year?
  • Is this a popular time of year for elopement in your location?

location + mother nature

This is where the fun of an elopement happens. Your ceremony can take form in many ways.
  • Precessional
  • Custom Vows
  • Readings from parents or friends
  • Intimate setting with close friends and family
  • Traditional ceremony with an officiant 
  • Relaxed setting with just the bride and groom
  • Musicians  

3. ceremony

Your reception can include a group of friends and family, or can just be the couple sitting by a fire roasting marshmallows and stargazing. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on how you want your reception to play out and who you want to include.

  • Are you planning on having friends and family give toasts?
  • Do you want to have first dances as a couple or with parents?
  • Did you pack a meal or are you going to celebrate back at the cabin or a local restaurant?
  • Are you planning on having a cake or dessert?
  • Who is in charge of the music?


4-6 hours


This is the minimum amount of time we would recommend you schedule for an elopement. This is ideal for couples who want to prioritize the ceremony and capture beautiful moments along the way. 

- getting ready
- 4 + mile hike
- first look
- helicopter tour
- ceremony
- bridal portraits
- small reception
- post ceremony activities

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8-10 hours


Having a longer elopement allows your itinerary to fill up with some once in a lifetime activities for your wedding day. Having more time allows you to drive or hike to multiple locations, take some time to relax and just enjoy the day. If you are planning on having guests at your wedding, 8-10 hours will give you the opportunity to enjoy the time with your friends and family, and still have that alone time with just the two of your. 


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If you want to take the time to enjoy each other, the location and everything your elopement has to offer, a multiple day is the way to go.  Nothing is off limits at this point and you let your imagination go when dreaming up how to spend your elopement days. You could have a day of adventure as a couple, spend your wedding day with friends and family, and send everyone away with a going away brunch. Let's go over a few ideas for your multiple day elopement. 

- overnight hike
- jeep exercison
- helicopter ride
- snorkling near the coral reef
- 10 + mile hike
- engagement photos
- rock climbing
- sky diving
- watching a volcano
- multiple first looks
- epic reception with friends and family and so much more...

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do elopement activites even take

how long?

Hiking- 30 minutes per mile
ATV- 4 + hours 
Rock Climbing- 2 + hours
Helicopter Tour- 2 + hours
Kayaking- 1-2 hours
Building a Fire- 15-30 minutes
Stargazing- 30-60 minutes

oh and let's not forget the adventure

• Getting Ready- 60-90 minutes 
• First Look- 15 minutes 
• Ceremony- 15 minutes + depending on type 
• Bridal Portraits- 60-90 Minutes
• Reception- 1 hour - 4 hours 

here's a good rule of thumb

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