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Eloping can be a great way to share your love with only your closest friend and family. In times of covid, many couples are choosing to Elope over going the more traditional route. If you have decided to Elope in Kansas City, here's what you need to know.

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We have some great recommendations for vendors in Kansas City, but if you have your dream vendors, plan on bringing them along with you. The midwest is the home of some incredible wedding photographers, videographers and planners that will make your elopement come to life. 


Do we need to hire local vendors?


An elopement ceremony is traditionally smaller and more intimate than a normal wedding. Often called micro weddings, elopements can take on the feeling and vibes of how you see the day playing out. There are no traditions and wrong doings when it comes to an elopement.


What's an elopement ceremony even like?


There might not be your traditional mountain top, volcano or beach side resort, but Kansas City boasts some of the best venues in the midwest. With wonderful downtown venues like Union Station, Liberty Memorial, and the surrouding crossroads district, you are sure to find your dream spot. 


The world is flat, and so is Kansas City.


Many couples choice to come back to Kansas City and get marreid after moving away. Maybe you grew up around the area, met her, or just love the Chiefs. Kansas City offers many beautiful venues that will be perfect for your kansas city wedding. 


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One of the biggest questions about an Elopement, is where will you get married. You can explorer a mountain, get married in the dessert, or travel for a private exertion. But what many of our couples have chosen to do is get married in the Kansas City area. Whether they moved away years ago, and still have lifelong friends and family here, or just jumped on the Jackson Mahome Tik Tok train, you can't go wrong with Kansas City Wedding Venues.  

Read our blog below about the best wedding venues for eloping in Kansas City.

Wedding and Elopement Videographer in Kansas City and the midwest.

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Planning an elopement can be extremely challenging. Follow or guidelins on how to plan your dream elopement. 

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