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Elopements are defined as smaller and more intimate, and couples can opt for an elopement for a variety of reasons. Elopements might be frowned upon by family members, because it’s the traditional choice when it comes to getting married. But, no matter the reason you decide to elope, there are a few things that you are going to want to consider, that will make for a magical elopement. Picking out the perfect dress, Mountain View or desert location, and those adventure seeking photographers and videographers that are going to join the journey. Let’s look at the details that are going to make all your friends and family wish they decided to elope.

Now that you are on board with what an elopement is, you brain is spinning with questions. Let's answer a few of them right now.

Hop in your jeep, grab your hiking shoes and let's get going.

The Ultimate Guide to Having an Elopement

if an elopement is right for y'all?

on the fence?

Bonus #1: Experiences are more meaningful to you
Bonus #2: You want something more personal 

how about a few more reasons?

• You don't want to be the center of attention
• The thought of a huge wedding makes you reach for the Xanax.
• You are not into traditional weddings. #anti-bride
• You would rather splurge your money elsewhere.
• Spending time with your significant other is most important .

you should elope if.. 

we're ready to elope

Finding your dream elopement location might seem like a dantting task, but I assure you with a few nights away from Netflix you can find the location of your dream. Finding the dream location can vary based on many facotrs 

Okay, but what about location


Do you want to include close friends and family, have an offiicant and witnesses, or just have a private excersion with your signigficant other.

guest lists 

Stargazing, s'mores over an open fire, snorkling near the coral reef, hiking and camping in the mountains. 


Do you want to get married in the winter months in the Colorado Mountains, or spring time on an exotic island?

time of year

If making it legally official is important you are going to want to have an officiant, and two witnesses on site. Consider having a small elopement with your closest friends and family, that way you can have help with the paperwork and make sure the license and all that good stuff is safe and sound. Plus you can celebrate with all your besties. 


Do we need to have an officiant or witnesses?


However you want it to be. If you want to exchange custom vows, rings, dance in the rain,  or yell to the mountain tops. The choice is yours, and there is really nothing off limits during your ceremony. Except that. Don't do that. 


What's an elopement ceremony even like?


Elopements are 100% legal as long as you follow some certain guidelines.  We recommend you research your elopement state or country for elopement guidelines if making it official is a must.  Many couples opt to say screw the paperwork, and have an epic elopement and handle the legal side at a later time.  I sound like a broken record, but the choice is yours.


Is an elopement even legal?


You can absolutely invite your friends and family. Having your closest friends and family travel with you to a remote destination can make your wedding even more meaningful.  We recommend keeping the guest list under 20 people for an elopement. Anything larger and you should consider a traditional wedding.


Can we not invite our friends and family?





Bridal Dress
This is probably the most beautiful you will look and feel in your entire life, so you want a dress to match. If you plan on doing a lot of walking and hiking you should consider having an outfit change when you get to the final destination. Some of our favorite bridal stores in Kansas City are The One Bridal and True Society.

Grooms Tux
No different than a traditional wedding, a grooms outfit is not complicated. We like to add extra touches to the wardrobe with crazy interior designs, crazy socks, bow ties, or suspenders. The options are endless, but make sure you run it by your significant other. 

You can opt to do your own makeup, or hire someone to help ease the stress. Make sure you factor in the conditions of your elopement whe making this decision. 


deciding on your wardrobe can make every other decision easier when it comes to an elopement.

This all depends on the time of year and the season. Decided to do a winter wonderland elopement? Grab your snow boots, Nortface coat and let's get going. Deciding to elope on Miami Beach? You will want to grab a nice pair of sandals or flip-flops to carry around with you. Chances are you won't need them, but the sand and concrete can get quite hot, so it's better to be prepared for anything. No matter what you decide, make sure you both are comfortable. 

This can vary based on your choice of dresses. If you are hiking up a mountain, you might not want to wear a large head piece.  Something as simple as a clip can add an extra layer of elegance to your wardrobe. 


Having a large and comfortable backpack will make the hike much more enjoyable. You are going to have to pack extra layers of clothing, snacks, your vows, marriage license, change of shoes, yada yada yada. Here’s a list of best backpacks for hiking 

11 Best Hiking Backpacks

Hair pieces and jewelry

elopement wardobe checklist

You are on board with eloping, now you need to decide on the three most important things when it comes to an elopement. Your dream elopement photographer, elopement videographer, and that epic location.  By choosing to elope, you are opting for an intimate and personal wedding that you will want to document to remember forever.  Although you are choosing to keep it small, your friends and family will still be able to marvel at that day by watching your elopement film, and viewing your elopement pictures.  What makes for an epic photo? Having an epic location to match.  We recommend deciding on the location first, and then choosing your elopement photographer and videographer. 

What Vendors do we need?

Deciding on youre elopement vendors can help make your elopement even more meaningful

Having an incredible elopement photographer document the journey will make you never second guess your decision. YOu are going to look back at your wedding photos constantly, and having these memories is extremely vital. We recommend you splurge on your photographer and videographer, because you are not going to have to budget for traditional vendors. When looking for your dream photographer, make sure they are experienced with elopements, fit your vibe, and are familiar with the location and have all the necessary permits for your wedding. 

elopement photographer

An elopement videographer can make for an epic film. Documenting every aspect of your journey, your love, and your story will be something you will never regret. Photos and video will be all that you have to remember this day, and the perfect opportunity to share your story with your friends and family.  An elopement videographer is not the same as a traditional videographer. They will have to be experienced carrying equipment up mountains, hiking miles and miles, getting up before the sunrise, and enjoying the day with you. Make sure your videographer is someone you want to spend your entire wedding day with.

elopement videographer

You have decided on all the details, now the location. With so many incredible location options, how do you even decide? Do you get married in Iceland by a Volcano? At Joshua Tree in the Desert? Or in Crested Butte with the Mountain backdrop? There is no right or wrong answer, but here are a few helpful location tips.

Best Places to Elope in the US

Best Places to elope Abroad

elopement location

We just scratched the surface of having an elopement. Download our no holds bars, hitting harder than Will Smith at the oscars guide to finding your dream vendors for your elopement or destination wedding.

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how to find
your elopement vendors

1.  Although an elopement is cheaper than a traditional wedding, make sure you budget out for additional expenses such as checked bag, cab rides, photography permits, and incidentals. 

2. Be familiar with the marriage laws in the state or country you choose to elope.  If you decide to legalize it before or after, that is okay.

3. If you want to include family, how far will they be able to travel? Will they have to catch an airplane, or can they drive to the elopement location? 

4.  Choosing a popular elopement destination means there will probably be other couples there on your wedding day.  Are you ready to throw down for that dream spot?

5.  Travel with a Bluetooth speaker with you for the journey. Having meaningful songs can bring out so much joy and emotion while you enjoy the journey.

Additional Tips

a few additional tips for a succesful elopement 

6. Have a change of clothes ready to go. Whether you are changing into a different dress, or want to let loose after you tie the knot. Always keep comfort in mind when planning your elopement.

7.  If you decide to not include family and friends, hire a photographer and videographer that will share sneak peaks of your elopement. Many photographers will share sneaks within 48 hours of the elopement so your family and friends can feel included in the decision. 

8. Think about having a reception later in the year, so you can include the friends and family that were not able to attend your elopement. 

9.  We would be flattered to help you plan your elopement, so let us know if you can use any help, or just want to show off how fancy your elopement is going to be.


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