Reduce the stress with our wedding day timeline


Wedding Day Timeline Examples from real weddings

We gathered wedding day timelines from award-winning wedding planners, DIY Brides, and Pinterest enthusiasts – – and included the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Reduce your wedding day stress with our wedding day timeline examples.

Here are a few questions you should think about when putting together your timeline. 

Is ceremony and reception at the same location? 

If you have two separate venues you are going to want to have additional time for transportation between the two venues. If you are getting ready at separate locations this is also something to think about and consider having multiple photographers and videographers.  

When do you want to have your first dance?

Cutting the cake and having your first dance immediately after the grand entrance can really get the reception moving. This allows more time for mingling with guests, sunset photos, and open dancing. 

Are we getting married in the summer or the winter?

Sunset in the summer is closer to 9 PM. Sunset in the winter can be as early as 5 PM.  If sunset photos are important make sure to consider this when setting a wedding date and planning your timeline. 

Do you plan to take bridal portraits at multiple locations?

I recommend no more than 2 locations for bridal portraits. I have yet to see 3 locations be done successfully.

How many hours did we book our wedding photographer and videographer?

Determine what is important for you to have photos and videos and make sure that they are present during that time.  

Are we having a Catholic ceremony?

Most Catholic ceremonies last well over an hour. with a catholic ceremony and family pictures you are already using 90 minutes of your wedding day. This can cut into other parts of the day if you are not planning on having photos and videos for the entire day. 

Use the examples provided. Figure out what you like, what you don’t, and make your own timeline. If you need any help with your wedding day timeline send it my way and we can take a look at it for you. 

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